Firmware IS_v1.8.50p10


New Features@

Add a new boot check mechanism. System will check 1) if firmware model is compatible with the hardware and then

2) ask users to enter license key for the device to be booted at the first time.


Problem Resolved

IM Manager

1. Fix bug to solve alert message problems of message delay, message lost, and keyword blocking inactive.

2. Fix bug to solve false negative of message sending between IM Peers while you block their connections.

3. Fix bug to solve unstable alert message problem.

4. Fix bug to solve false negative of the unauthorized IM Users.

5. Fix bug to solve false negative of MSN File transfer.

6. Fix bug to solve the failure of MSN file transfer.

7. Fix bug to solve MSN occasional disconnection problem.

8. Fix bug to solve anti-virus protection for MSN file transfer from external to internal.@@

Well-Known issue and Notes

1. IS-10 needs to boot for 2 minutes. Please be patient.

2. HA synchronization, Operational Interface, and Version check are incomplete right now,

but will be available in version 2.0.