Date: 2006/09/29

  Release Notice

Pattern (For InstantScan 2.0.09 or above only.)

New Features

  1. Support the following new application and versions:
    JAP 00.05.022
    YourFreedom 20060725-01
    AOL Radio (
    Google Video (
    iTunes 6.0
    peercast 0.1217
    shoutcast item support jetcast/jetaudio/icecast
    --JetAudio 6.2
    --Winamp 5.24
    --Icecast 2.3
    webim support
    KKBox support 2.2
    support yahoo music (yahoo 音樂通)
    RTSP support RealOne Player 1.0, 2.0

Problem Resolved

  1. 修正Skype 利用https 連線的方式會漏擋。
  2. 修正Windows Media Player missblocking。
  3. 修正網芳連線在Traffic Discovery會看不到。
  4. 修正webim- 擋不住的問題。
  5. 修正RTSP 無法阻擋 QuickTime 的線上電影預告。
  6. 修正pcanywhere 擋不住的問題。
  7. 修正Use skype iprange option to block skype will reduce fasttrack has false positive on the skype.

Well-Known issue and Notes

  1. The Skype login over socks server may not be blocked.
  2. Softether may be missed blocking in some conditions.
  3. qqtv over http will miss blocking.
  4. YourFreedom will miss blocking while using the https/http/cgi/ftp method.

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