Date: 2006/09/28

  Release Notice

Pattern (For InstantScan 2.1.01 or above only.)

New Features

  1. 新增下列軟體的支援:
    P2P:ezPeer+, Foxy, pp point(pp奌奌通)
    Tunnel:JAP, YourFreedom
    Remote Access:NetOP Remote Control, Remote Administrator
    Stream:qqtv(qq直播), TVAnts, PeerCast, Napster, Google Video, AOL Radio, iTunes, JetAudio, Icecast, RealOne, MMS, Yahoo music

Problem Resolved


Well-Known issue and Notes

  1. The Skype login over socks server may not be blocked.
  2. Softether may be missed blocking in some conditions.
  3. qqtv over http will miss blocking.
  4. TVAnts over http proxy will sometimes miss blocking.
  5. YourFreedom will miss blocking while using the https method.
  6. Skypeout will sometimes miss blocking.

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