Date: 2006/06/20

¡@¡@Release Notice

InstantBlock Firmware 2.115

New Features

  1. Support bandwidth management in L7 Firewall for most of P2P applications, such as Kuro, ezPeer, KaZaA¡Ketc.
  2. Add a new category ¡§WEBIM¡¨ at the page of the Content Filter > Web Filter > Category.
  3. Support sessionlimit (iplimit) command in order for user to control maximum sessions by IP.
    Available options: sys iplimit +
  4. For making model identification easy, display Model name and HWID at system status page.

Problem Resolved

  1. Fix boot ¡VI command in order for user to reset password to factory default while forgetting original password.

  2. IPS
  3. Fix device crash problem while enabling IPS feature.

  4. VPN
  5. Fix VPN connection problem while one VPN site uses single address to establish VPN tunnel with the other VPN site.

  6. IM Management
  7. Fix the wrong fields allocation while inserting a new IM Service rule.

  8. Others
  9. Fix the problem that login will be locked by console even though nobody logins to the device.

Well-Known Issue and Notes

  1. Due to the change that Google Talk protocol has been encrypted recently, InstantBlock currently may not manage its behaviors but can still block its login. Therefore, IM Management will no longer support Google Talk after version 2.115c.
  2. Update Center changes to since version 2.114.