Date: 2006/05/02

@@Release Notice

Firmware InstantScan v1.8.50p18

New Features


Problem Resolved

  1. The built-in pattern of InstantScan 1.8.50p18 is version
  2. Fix the recognition problem of Yahoo/Icq/Aol accounts.
  3. Fix the problem that schedule on IM Manager cannot immediately be activated right after applying the schedule settings.
  4. Close the IM message recorder while the time is out of IM schedule.
  5. The MSN nickname field is removed for system consistency.

Well-Known issue and Notes

  1. IS-10 needs to boot for 2 minutes. Please be patient.
  2. HA synchronization, Operational Interface, and Version check are incomplete right now, but will be available in version 2.0.
  3. Schedule on Skype related rules is invalid currently.
  4. *Note: Please enable Application Firewall first in order to activate the Traffic Discovery since system architecture of the device has been changed.

* To view the comparison of InstantScan Firmware/Pattern/Signature/AV database, please click InstantScan Version Comparison Table.