Date: 2006/04/07

@@Release Notice

Pattern (Only for InstantScan 1.8.50p15 or above)

New Features

  1. Support Skypeout for Skype version or above.

Problem Resolved

  1. Fix the problem that KKBOX v2.1 cannot be blocked.
  2. Fix the problem that kugoo v3.101 & 3.206 cannot be blocked.
  3. Fix the problem that schedule on Application Firewall cannot immediately be activated right after applying the schedule settings. But there is an exception, please see well-known issue 4.
  4. Fix the fales positive problem that Skype rule may block NetOP connections.
  5. Fix the false positive problem that Skype rule may block VNC connections.
  6. Fix the problem that Skype connections connected from the presetting source IP addresses may not be blocked.

Well-Known issue and Notes

  1. Both Skype login and file-transfer via socks server may not be blocked.
  2. When Skype is set to be blocked, it can still login successfully via socks5 proxy outside of the InstantScan and can use voice and Skypeout, but cannot send messages out.
  3. Both Skype Random Voice and Skype File Transfer of Skype cannot be blocked.
  4. Schedule on Skype related rules is invalid currently.
  5. After pattern update, all rules (including enabled rules) will be reset to factory default.

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