Date: 2006/02/27

ˇ@ˇ@Release Notice

InstantBlock Firmware 2.112

New Features

  1. Add Transparent Mode status at system status page to let users know what bridge status is 1) forwarding 2) learning 3) disabled.
  2. Both PPTP and L2TP now support multiple users.

Problem Resolved

    Web UI
  1. Fix bug that MRTG graphs do not mark clear unit of network traffic.
  2. Fix bug that wrong interfaces are displayed on MRTG graphs while changing interface setting.
  3. Rename IB to InstantBlock.

  4. Operation Mode - Transparent
  5. Fix bug to disable bridge fiber ports on IB-1000.
  6. Fix bug that Non-initialized WAN Interface will be displayed as ˇ§UPˇ¨ under transparent mode if the network line is ready.

  7. IM Management
  8. Fix bug that "-" (hyphen) cannot be input into IM accounts.

  9. Content Filter
  10. Fix bug that emails will be locked while sent out between Exchange Servers.
  11. Fix bug that "-" (hyphen) cannot be input into domain at pages of Content Filter > Customize/SSL > Domain. Note that domain name cannot contain "_" (underline) according to RFC 1034.

  12. VLAN
  13. Fix bug that the device should bypass ARP packets over VLAN for ARP learning.

  14. HA
  15. HA can synchronize configuration file when there is any modification on Active device.

  16. System Tool
  17. Update Server has been changed to
  18. Fix bug to solve the problem of Web Redirect.