Date: 2006/02/27

¡@¡@Release Notice


New Features

  1. Add the recognition of H245 and rtcp connections onto Traffic Discovery.

Problem Resolved

  1. WebIM can be blocked currently.
  2. Solve the problem that when you block Fasttrack and then login MSN, IM peers cannot receive your invitation and then the connection is disconnected suddenly after enabling MSN Voice.
  3. Solve the false positive problem that customer¡¦s video conference system (Polycom) will be blocked by Skype File rule.
  4. Solve the false positive problem that H323 will be blocked by Fasttrack rule.

Well-Known issue and Notes

  1. Both Skype login and file-transfer via socks server may not be blocked.
  2. When Skype is set to block, it can still login successfully via Socks5 proxy outside of the InstantScan and can use voice and skypeout, but cannot send messages out.
  3. Both Skype Random Voice and Skype Filre Transfer of Skype cannot be blocked.
  4. When you apply schedule on Application Firewall, you have to force users logout first and then login again in order to activate the schedule.
  5. After pattern update, all rules (including enabled rules) will be reset to factory default.

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