Date: 2008/09/24

  Release Notice

Release Notice

Release 3.2

  1. [NewFeature] Support web category that blocks all web pages.
  2. [NewFeature] Support personal trusted domain.
  3. [NewFeature] Support webmail log with attached file information.
  4. [NewFeature] Support ftp log of file transferring event.
  5. [NewFeature] Support CLI "sys ad delete" to delete existed user. 

Release 3.3

  1. [NewFeature] Support personal setting of webmail.
  2. [NewFeature] Support personal setting of ftp.
  3. [NewFeature] Support timeout setting of ad login.
  4. [NewFeature] Support exempt source setting by ad user/group. 

Release 3.4

  1. [NewFeature] Support https tunnel manager.
  2. [NewFeature] Support timeout setting of web login.
  3. [NewFeature] Support exempt source/destination of web login. 

Release 3.5.04 (2010/08/27)

  1. [NewFeature] Support bandwidth management by web category.
  2. [NewFeature] Support web login by http POST API.
  3. [NewFeature] Support Novell eDirectory in web login authentication.
  4. [Download] (Firmware)
  5. [Download] (Firmware)
  6. [Download] (MgtSvr)