Date: 2010/06/24

@@Release Notice

Release Notice

Pattern (2010/06/24)

Applied to the following firmwares
InstantScan 3.0
InstantQoS 3.0

  1. [NewFeature] Support L7 pattern: RTSP(FreeZ Online TV).
  2. [BugFix] Some QQ2009 SP6(1450) cannot be blocked.
  3. [BugFix] Some Gmail Chat cannot be blocked.
  4. [BugFix] Web-msn( cannot be blocked.
  5. [BugFix] Xunlei cannot be blocked and controlled traffic.
  6. [BugFix] Some bitcomet V1.21 cannot be blocked.
  7. [BugFix] Some bittorrent V6.1.2(build 13422) cannot be blocked.
  8. [BugFix] Some ttplayer V5.6 cannot be blocked.
  9. [BugFix] Some igoogle chat cannot be blocked.
  10. [BugFix] Gmail may accidentally block
  11. [BugFix] IMAP may accidentally block google talk and
  12. [BugFix] Webim may accidentally block happyfarm2.
  13. [BugFix] BT may accidentally block game(Warriors From the Magic Mountain).
  14. [BugFix] Winny may accidentally block RF online game.
  15. [BugFix] Xunlei may accidentally block TouhouProject.

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