¡@Firmware IB_v2.111e

¡@New Features¡@

¡@Web UI
1. Support Multi-languages : English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese.


¡@2. Support Multi-languages : English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese.


¡@3. Support a new system checking mechanism to check if firmware model is compatible with the hardware

¡@ while booting the device.

¡@4. Support MPPE with multi-processors for IB-5000.

¡@5. Change the order of the interfaces for IB-100 / IB-5000.

¡@ New ports¡¦ order: IB-100: (1)LAN2, (2)LAN1, (3)DMZ1, (4)WAN2, (5)WAN1

¡@ IB-5000: (1)WAN1, (2)LAN1, (3)DMZ1, (4)DMZ2, (5)WAN2, (6)LAN2

¡@6. Change model name from IB-1000L to IB-1000, and IB-1000 to IB-5000.

¡@ For those IB-1000L and IB-5000 users, please note this change when upgrading firmware.

¡@Operation Mode - Transparent

¡@7. Support Authentication

¡@8. Support DDNS/DNS Proxy/DHCP Relay under Transparent mode

¡@9. Support interface change

¡@10. Support NAT/ Routing port configuration

¡@11. Support policy route to redirect packets to all interfaces

¡@IM Management

¡@12. Support default policy for each IM Users

¡@13. Support GOOGLE TALK

¡@14. Support IM Service types of file share, app share, and photo swap

¡@15. Support rules default pass


¡@16. Support Virtual Server to redirect LAN-to-WAN connections


¡@17. Support InstantConfig and InstantReport

¡@18. Support Skype


¡@19. Support multi-users to dial in InstantBlock by using PPTP/L2TP


¡@20. Support Alcatel OmniStack 6300-24

¡@21. Support Co-Defense module for IB-10

¡@System Tools

¡@22. Support Web Redirect

¡@Device Status

¡@23. Support MRTG traffic statistics


¡@Problems Resolved


¡@1. Fix bug to clear DHCP Table correctly.

¡@2. Fix bug to check network and broadcast IPs for gateway of WAN interface.

¡@3. Fix bug to solve duplicate English hostname problem while input Chinese hostname into DHCP table.

¡@ Now when you input Chinese hostname, DHCP table will add an entry with an empty rule name.

¡@Operation Mode - Transparent

¡@4. Fix bug to solve false positive problem caused by enabling L4-Firewall.

¡@IM Management

¡@5. Fix bug for case insensitive to enter Yahoo/ICQ/AOL accounts.

¡@6. Fix bug for Yahoo management and its log recording

¡@7. Fix bug for being not to show IE error message again when deleting custom rules.

¡@8. Fix bug to keep default users/services while rules are reset

¡@9. Improve synchronous IM rules' checking for IM Management rule names and IM accounts so that

¡@ IM management rule name will not conflict with IM account if there is any similarity.

¡@10. Unify the format of service types in IM Services.

¡@L7 Firewall

¡@11. Speed up pattern match for Application Firewall.


¡@12. Fix bug to solve IKE DOS problem by IKE deamon upgrade.

¡@13. Fix bug to solve VPN settings problem while using Mozilla as browser.

¡@Bandwidth Management

¡@14. Fix bug to show correct message while inputting bandwidth (%) over 100%.


¡@15. Fix bug to replace the old supported switches by new ones while config upgrade/restore.

¡@System Tools

¡@16. Fix bug to show correct message in the status bar below webpage while

¡@ doing firmware upgrade without setting path.


¡@17. Improve the logs' format for unification in GUI, Syslog Server, and saved file (download to local).